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The general appearance is that of a strong compact, symmetrically built working dog, with the ability and willingness to carry out his allotted task however arduous. Its combination of substance, power, balance and hard muscular condition must convey the impression of great agility, strength and endurance. Any tendency to grossness or weediness is a serious fault. 

ACDCA Australian Cattle Dog Club

Is an Australian Cattle Dog for YOU?

Here are a couple very well created videos about ACDs. Keep in  mind the videos may be a little out of date, but there is some good information. Make sure you do your homework on the breed of dog you decide to get. Check out some of these videos below!

For your dog's benefit

Thank you for watching these videos, (some of you that may have watched some. 8-)  In all seriousness, please do your homework on the various breeds of dogs. What they were bred to do will always be in their temperament.  To do this, you must learn things, and practice. You NEED to do your homework;  take obedience lessons, and maybe even some behavior classes, to learn how to read and understand the unspoken language of "dog". It is actually really intriguing once you learn what you are seeing in the dynamics of the dog. Some  people, at no fault of their own, do not know how to use the dog's natural instinct as drive for another purpose. For example, nose work, this a natural behavior for a dog, but using this behavior  to serve a purpose for humans. The dogs think is is so cool to get paid with high value food for sniffin!  Remember (or know) that ACDs are naturally going to be driven to moving objects; wheels of a wagon, wheelbarrow, roller skates, bicycles, vacuum, broom, you get the idea, It is NOT FUNNY! DO NOT ENCOURAGE OR ALLOW this behavior. Nipping or chasing is never a good thing. It will become an issue with behavior elsewhere.  Learn how to discourage this behavior. You should not physically punish or beat an ACD. They will either shut down and not work for you, or they can come back at you. They hold a grudge. Did I mention that it is necessary to learn how to teach your ACD? There are a lot of other things I could go on and on about, but we can discuss further if you wish.  I am very transparent about my dogs and puppies. I try my best to place a puppy with the appropriate person or family. I do not want to send the craziest puppy in the litter to someone that wants a therapy dog just because of the markings on the face. I also do my best to educate, inform and recommend to people according to their lifestyle and desires in their puppy. The only way is to train, train, train, because it is the way to get what you are wanting in your best friend. Getting a puppy is a long term commitment (sometimes as long as 17 years). We have to make a promise to our dog that we will do our due diligence to learn his language, and give him structure, direction, and safety. You should go on YouTube, and watch some "Skid-Boot" videos. You will see some cool tricks, and a man & his dog just talkin'.

Remember, invested time equals results. Check out trainer Jamie Bozzi @, great instructor!  Thanks again for doing your homework. 


Jen & the Cattledog Crew

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