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Tin Roof Australian Cattle Dogs Puppy Info

We consider our dogs family members. We understand that they are dogs, but they are living amongst us in our daily lives and activities and we love them dearly!

What you can expect from Tin Roof ACDs

Our Tin Roof ACD puppies are AKC Registered, DNA Health testing on all sires/dams to be clear of genetic diseases commonly found in the ACD. These can include; DM, prcd-RCD4, prcd-PRA, PLL, and others. The puppies will be microchipped, have received age appropriate vaccines, and de-worming, AKC registration, and more. The puppy program, as we refer to it, is evolving all of the time depending on current studies, recommendations from trainers, and the individual puppy. We follow protocols from Puppy Culture & Avidog enrichment programs, which include (but not limited to) doing these at appropriate times:

  • Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) for optimization of central nervous system development; creates a stronger 

  • Barrier Challenge for improving frustration tolerance in puppies and enhanced problem solving ability

  • Conditioned Emotional Response to create positive associations with crates, handling, grooming, etc.

  • Desensitization and Habituation to loud noises, including vacuum cleaners, making noise with/dropping household items, and playing different types of music

We strive to raise our pups with as many positive experiences and novel items as possible every day.  Everyday the puppies are being  exposed to new textures, activities, games, and a lot of human affection. The puppies parents are always fully health tested, sire and dam will have excellent bloodlines, & most of our dogs are conformation Champions & titled in several other events also. I hear often, "Oh I don't need a show quality dog, just a pet..." The AKC Conformation show champions are an important part of our program because it is crucial for a dog to be structurally correct & balanced. Which permits the dog to travel (walk) properly, and helps prevent lameness and arthritis. This allows the dog to cover ground effortlessly, and for long distances. Breeders that show their dogs, invest in their dogs. They enjoy their dogs, and want to breed better dogs to benefit the breed. Champion pedigrees give us a history of ancestors, and any health testing that was performed. All of this promotes a higher potential to live longer, healthier lives. No matter what the  career will be for the puppy; pet, sport, show, or other,  we raise them with the same highest standard possible. 


We do our best to produce top quality puppies with health, longevity, sound body, and good temperaments, but our puppy program is what really makes the puppies shine. We require that you continue on with what we have began early on for you if you want to end up with a well mannered dog. ACD's are challenging as puppies, and need to be trained, and mentally stimulated. Please be sure to research the breed traits as an ACD does have common behaviors that should have boundaries put in place to not have issues. Most of  the Australian Cattle Dog puppies, raised in a social environment, enrichment program, and have training are wonderful pet companions. They need room to run free safely (no dog parks), and a yard to go outside in. Apartment, condominium, or townhome life is not a place for a heeler puppy.


Australian Cattle Dogs (blue heelers) are great sport dogs, can really thrive at things such as: Nosework, dock diving, fast cat, fly ball, barn hunt, agility and others.

Contact us directly for more information at We look forward to meeting you, and we hope to add you to our Tin Roof family one day.

Thank you for your interest in the Australian Cattle Dog!


If you are serious about wanting to purchase an ACD puppy from us, you can fill out our puppy questionnaire. 

**Inquire about a puppy questionnaire**

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