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Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is a fun activity that allows dogs of different ages, breeds, and backgrounds to play on a straw bale course while looking for a rat !

The rats are concealed in secure tubes hidden in the straw, and it's up to your dog's extraordinary scenting talents to find them! For individuals who have never tried this activity or wish to brush up on their fundamental abilities, we offer Introduction to Rat and Instinct and Indication practice sessions. These sessions allow dogs and their handlers to begin developing the abilities required for barn hunts.


The BHA website covers the fundamental competition regulations. Lessons from an experienced instructor will teach you a proper introduction to the rat and the timing of incentives to increase your dog's drive to discover the rat. Practice as many times as you need to improve your dog's ability to pass the rat instinct exam and prepare for a competition, or just to have fun with your dog! When you're ready, your dog will learn how to navigate tunnels and climb straw bales. Instructors will go over proofing, numerous tubes, and trial preparedness, as well as smell theory and handling methods.

Photo Gallery of some barn hunt memories with our ACDs (Australian Cattle Dogs). Some people will refer to them as blue heelers, and that may sound more familiar to you. We love barn hunt and enjoy doing this sport with our dogs.

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