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Ethical Breeding

Tin Roof ACD's is a code of ethics & AKC Breeder of Merit breeder. 

As a ethical dog breeder I will:

  • Exhibit a keen interest in, a true passion for, and a thorough understanding of our breed.

  • Teach you about the positive and negative elements of their breed.

  • Want to make sure you're compatible with their breed. If their breed isn't perfect for you, they'll recommend one that will fit your lifestyle better.

  • Have a breeding program that follows the AKC Breed Standard.

  • Inform you about each of our litter's distinct puppies. As professional breeder we have studied each puppy while rearing it and taken notes on its personality in order to match that puppy with the ideal puppy-person.

  • Serve as a resource for showing, performance, and participation in Dog Clubs. 

  • We're members of our local National Breed Club.

  • Give veterinary and buyer recommendations, as well as contact information for others who have bought their puppies.

  • Be concerned about who buys our babies and how those puppies will be cared for.

  • We take pride in placing our puppies in loving homes and will frequently conduct in-depth interviews with prospective puppy purchasers, as well as provide an application for them to complete.

  • If the puppy's parents and grandparents are available, you may meet them. We will gladly show you images of the puppy parents and grandparents if they are not accessible, as well as point out their names on the pedigree and explain any titles given. If stud dogs are being bred out of state or on the show circuit, they may be unavailable.

  • A contract is required. The rights of the Seller and Buyer, health information about the puppy, altering requirements, and the breeder's buy back/return policy is all be detailed in our contract. Feel free to make a request for a copy ahead of time. We will gladly provide it to you for evaluation.

  • For a set amount of time, a puppy's general health is guaranteed. While no one can guarantee against inheritable diseases 100% (since recessive genes cause them most of the time), as prudent breeder we will be well-informed about genetic concerns in their breed and, more particularly, in their bloodlines. We get our dogs tested on a regular basis to ensure that they are healthy, and we will keep this information up to date and easily available for potential puppy purchasers.

  • Spaying or neutering of pet-quality animals is required when age appropriate. Be skeptical of breeders that claim that every puppy in a litter is show-quality.

  • Be wary of breeders that dismiss genetic testing and/or claim that their breed or lineage is problem-free. There is no way to guarantee that a breed or lineage will be completely free of genetic diseases. Good breeders work hard to eliminate genetic issues (by avoiding breeding diseased dogs or those carrying certain genetic markers), and they employ genetic testing to assess their breeding program's performance.

  • We keep an eye on our puppies. Once a puppy buyer has their dog and is on their way home, they should never feel alone. Ethical breeders are concerned about each puppy they produce and are interested in how they develop physically and mentally, as well as how they adapt to their new home, family members, children, and pets. We will also want to know about any problems the puppies have, as well as any health issues. Enrolling your dog in Puppy Kindergarten and Obedience Classes will inspire you to socialize and train them.

  • And of course, we will provide informative answers to all of your questions!


Always make sure you buy from Ethical Breeders

Even if you don't pick us as your breeder, we always want to encourage anyone buying a puppy to find ethical breeders. Investigate and interview breeders once you've settled on the ideal breed for you. Make a list of critical questions to ask a breeder before phoning or visiting with them. Use our above pointers to help you formulate your queries and assess whether or not a breeder is trustworthy.

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