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Jamie Bozzi

The Founder of, Jamie is a professional dog trainer & certified canine behavior consultant. Her qualifications include multiple certifications in a variety of training & behavior areas. She has written many articles for local & national magazines and has taught & trained in several countries. For over 20 years, Jamie has consulted with pet owners, non-profit organizations, service dog trainers and local zoo personnel on a variety of training issues.

Jamie teaches a variety of group classes, as well as, private consultations throughout Riverside and San Diego Counties.   Jamie believes in providing clients with positive tools to teach and train their dogs for a lifetime. When not helping clients improve communication with their four-legged kids.  Jamie enjoys participating and competing in specialty dog sports such as K9 Scent Detection and when she has time she also loves competing with her dogs in Agility, Treiball and Lure Coursing.


Tin Roof ACDS has welcomed Jamie to train at our place! We have so much fun in nose work class on Fallbrook Fridays. Check out the website for more information. 








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